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If you are suffering from hair loss or baldness, it does not necessarily mean that you have a health problem, but do you know how important vitamins for hair are?

When you suffer from hair loss it is very important that you take a very close look at what vitamins you are having on a daily basis, as one of the major causes of hair loss is being deficient in certain vitamins.  Most people will normally turn to their local supermarket to buy over the counter products to try and treat their hair, as the product has ‘sold to them’ in their advertising, when in fact this will normally not have any affect at all.

Whilst some hair products can help, the first area you should be checking out is what vitamins are you actually taking on a regular basis.  You will normally find that when you take a close look, you will be able to identify certain vitamins that you are lacking. These vitamins can help for hair growth, so don’t go rushing off to the supermarket or go to the pharmacy!


Vitamins For Hair Loss

Every day you will lose hairs on your head naturally, but should you start noticing clumps of hair start falling out, or there is an increase in the numbers of hairs in your brush everyday then this would indicate that you may have a problem that needs addressing.

Losing hair is not just confined to men, as women may also experience hair loss. There are normally five reasons why you may experience hair loss.


Most people will assume that as a person grows old, then their hair may start to this and may even lead to baldness in men. But this is not always the case. A lot of hair loss can be as a result of poor diet.

In addition to poor diet, if someone has lived a stressful life then this to can have an effect on their hair. If a person is subjected to constant stress, then the hair follicles to enter what is called the ‘telogen phase’  and will actually stop producing new hairs and existing hairs will then start to become brittle and fall out.



Certain drugs that are taken can have a negative effect on the production of hair in the hair follicles. If a person is on a prescribed drug for a particular condition, then this may have a direct impact on the nutrients that are retained within the body.

Examples of these are:

      • High blood pressure drugs
      • Parkinson’s disease medication
      • Treatment to control hyperthyroidism



Menopause in women can create a condition where they will experience an increase in hair loss as a direct result of hormone changes with the body. This will again effect the hair follicles and the products of new hairs.



Genetics will have a part to play in hair loss. This is normally hereditary as if their father has thinning hair or baldness, then chances are their sons will experience the same as a result of the genes within the body.


Nutrients & Vitamins Are Essential

Nutrients, vitamins and minerals all play a very important part in ensuring that you have a healthy head of hair, by preventing hair damage and baldness. If you are experiencing hair loss then you need to take a close look at what vitamins you are taking or lacking. Let’s look at these in more detail:


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is probably the most important vitamin for hair growth, so you need to ensure that you are not lacking in it. The main function of vitamin A is that it helps in the development of healthy cells and tissues. If you are a smoker, then you need to be careful as smoking will actually decrease the amount of vitamin A retained in your body.

Vitamin will synthesize with zinc and silica to maintain health sebaceous glands in your body. These glands are responsible for the production of sebum, which acts as a lubricant for hair follicles.

If you are a regular user of prescription drugs which includes Asprin, then you may find that your body cannot absorb the vitamin A readily, resulting in hair loss.

Vitamin A can be found in a number of specially formulated supplements, and is also found in the following everyday foods:


      • Fish Oil
      • Eggs
      • Liver
      • Fortified Milk
      • Yellow, red and orange vegetables such as squash, carrots, oranges and sweet potatoes.


 Vitamin B

There are many B vitamins for hair loss that your body need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy head of hair. These include B-6, Folic acid, biotin and B-12 – which are responsible for the circulation of blood throughout the body.

The B vitamins maintain your hemoglobin levels at a healthy rate, so your blood can deliver oxygen to the tissues of your body which includes the scalp and the hair. If you are short of these vitamins for hair growth, then your hair can start to thin.

Apart from supplements, the B vitamins are found in the following foods:

      • Dairy products
      • Eggs
      • Fish
      • Meat
      • Whole grains & cereals
      • Green leafy vegetables 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins for hair loss, whose function is to help produce healthy collagen. Collagen holds tissue together, and a lack in it will cause weak hair. This can be seen by split ends, hair breakage and hair falling out.

Vitamin C can be found in the following foods

      • Citrus fruits
      • Fresh peppers
      • Potatoes
      • Dark Green leafy vegetables
      • Mango


Vitamin E

Vitamin E plays a crucial role in that it helps in the supply of blood to the scalp and assisting in the absorption of oxygen.

Vitamin E can be found in the following foods

      • Vegetable oils
      • Grains
      • Nuts
      • Green leafy vegetables

If you are suffering from a low level of vitamin E, then it may be necessary to take supplements to boost this.


Summary – Vitamins For Hair Growth

Whilst you cannot be guaranteed to escape any hair loss or baldness by ensuring that you take the correct vitamins, they will play an important part in assisting in this.

It is important to understand that most over the counter treatments in the form of expensive shampoos and conditioners will have little effect. It is essential that you either live a very healthy lifestyle and consume all the vitamins you need to prevent and treat hair loss. This however, is not always possible as a result of lifestyles and work.


I would suggest trying high quality vitamins for hair loss


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